Chinese electronics Xiongmai recall devices after cyberattack

Hackers made an attack on the internet with some common devices including webcam and digital recorders and cut off some popular sites including twitter and Reddit. The attack was made on popular sites including twitter, Reddit, Spotify, Paypal and much more. Chinese electronics Xiongmai recall as its cameras are suffering to attack massive websites. SecurityRead More

Wearable devices that are essential part of lifestyle

Electronic wearable gadgets are here to display your taste and style and even your personality. Here is the list of functional and fashionable products that are used in daily routine life and are the focal point for others and also enhance your beauty and complete your needs. Wearable techs are somehow interesting and provide youRead More

TOP 3 smartphones with excellent optics

Even a budget smartphone cannot do without a good camera today, let alone middle-class models and high-end flagships like the Nexus. Today we would like to introduce you to the devices the cameras of which are capable of competing with some good point-and-shoot cameras. Sony Xperia XZ Dual: three sensors for better pictures: The photoRead More

Top 5 Latest Gadgets Of Daily Life

It’s not that we use technology but actually, we live technology. Technology has made a new revolution in the life of people – it is changing the trends of lifestyle. Today we must have to change our mind to see positive in every situation as technology is everywhere and have a great impact on ourRead More

SanDisk Unveils the World’s First 1TB SDXC Card

SanDisk on Tuesday has introduced the largest memory card that revolutionized the world, the company launches memory card with 1 Terra Byte of storage but yet the company didn’t launch the prize of that card. This is another biggest achievement for the company as it launched the memory card with 512 GB two years agoRead More