Never Lose Your Phone Again With This?


Have you ever thought of losing your smartphone or if an incident happens to you? Then don’t worry as your smartphone will never steal again with this small piece. C-safe is introducing the world’s first lock that will lock your mobile phone in your pocket and no one is able to unlock the smartphone ratherRead More

5 Best Free Apps to have fun this Christmas


Christmas is the most wonderful and joyful time of the year for Christians. It is time for family and friends to come together, bond, exchange gifts, spend quality time together and many others. To add more fun during this precious period, your smartphone can download new Christmas fun apps. With the new Christmas app, youRead More

TOP 3 smartphones with excellent optics


Even a budget smartphone cannot do without a good camera today, let alone middle-class models and high-end flagships like the Nexus. Today we would like to introduce you to the devices the cameras of which are capable of competing with some good point-and-shoot cameras. Sony Xperia XZ Dual: three sensors for better pictures: The photoRead More