Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft React To CIA’s Leaks

Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft React To CIA’s Leaks

Wikileaks has exposed the confidential information of the CIA where the tech companies including Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft are reassuring the customers about their protection over devices. The information of the intelligence agency is quite important and considered to be the serious breach of the agency where the tech giants have given their first impressionRead More

The Best Way For Setting Up Windows 10 Machines

Setting Up Windows 10

The windows platform has included every feature that a regular user demands in its PC or laptop and has changed a lot in the past decade. Now, the windows are providing every single software and seem like a mobile operating system with a lot of feature including store, touch screens, notifications, Sticky notes and manyRead More

Facebook, Twitter, Google & Microsoft Create Database to Fight Online Extremism

The giant social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft have announced they are working together to identify and remove extremist content – a fight against online extremism. The massive media announced on Monday night about the plan of a joint database of terrorist images as well as videos that are promoting terrorism or toRead More

Google and Microsoft are in war over bug disclosure

Google and Microsoft are in the war of words as Google reveal the Windows bug just 10 days after telling the firm about it – Google’s revelation of security flaw made Microsoft anger. The bug was discovered by Google on 21st of October and gives a week to firm to react and to fix theRead More

Microsoft Windows and its Generation

Today I had the pleasure of sharing new data about Windows 10, the new era of Windows. Our group shared more Windows 10 encounters and how Windows 10 will move new situations over the broadest scope of devices, from huge screens to little screens to no screens by any stretch of the imagination. You canRead More