One Billion Yahoo Account Hacked In New Breach Exposing Personal Data

Yahoo has identified the world largest hacking breach in which one billion accounts of the users are hacked dated back in 2013 and breaking the record of company’s own record for the biggest security breach in the history. The US Company announced the attack on Wednesday and added order strattera overnight that the account ofRead More

How to stay safe when shopping online?

It is important to take steps to protect you, every electronics that is connected to the internet needs protection – millions of people are shopping online and they must need protection to secure their order and money; today the headlines are full with hacking and cyber-attacks and you might feel to give up the internetRead More


A new requirement for the tech companies to keep the history of the consumer including its online activities as well as websites and messaging apps. The internet providers have to record these apps history and devices connected to different blogs as this is helpful to find out terrorism and to save the country from anyRead More

Interesting Facts about Internet and Google

We all love the internet, as technology is rapidly growing and has become an integral part of our lives. We use the internet every day and feel dying without it. But how much do you know about the internet and its revolution? Let’s find out with the list of interesting facts about the internet. FactsRead More