Never Lose Your Phone Again With This?


Have you ever thought of losing your smartphone or if an incident happens to you? Then don’t worry as your smartphone will never steal again with this small piece. C-safe is introducing the world’s first lock that will lock your mobile phone in your pocket and no one is able to unlock the smartphone ratherRead More

Samsung Made Stylus Looks like A Pencil Used At School

Samsung Made Stylus Looks like A Pencil Used At School

Samsung returns to the mobile industry with the deep technology just after selling an exploding phone Galaxy Note 7 – it launched a stylus that is a demand of people. The mobile world congress (MWC) brought special traditions just as Nokia announce the best phone of past time 3310, similarly, Samsung has announced the stylusRead More

Experts Made Lip-Reading Machine That Works Better Than Humans

Scientists at Oxford University has revolutionized the AI surveillance and built a machine that can lip-read better than human beings with funding help from Google’s and able of facial recognition to lip reading. Oxford University students showed their skills by developing the machine that works on artificial intelligence and can read the lip with aRead More

Is Robot could be grandma’s new caretaker?

Technology is rising daily and delivering you the elements that are beyond of your thinking – with aging problems in entire life the caretaker costs rising but the smart robot is the solution to look after your loved ones. The developers design a robot especially for the old ones for their ease. Miro is theRead More

Huawei has launched Mate 9 to fill gap of Note 7

Huawei revealed a new set Mate 9 to fill the gap of Samsung’s Note disaster – this is the first smartphone comes with Android 7. Huawei new set comes with a large display screen of 5.9 inch – as large screen smartphones are getting popular these days – even Apple launched its phone with aRead More

Apple introduced Touch Bar in its new MacBook Laptops

Apple has revealed its new MacBook version including a fingerprint reader and a long thin touch called touch bar above their keyboards – a thin interactive display. The new MacBook laptops with 13-inch and 15-inch is a chameleon of laptops – provides new touch bar with different functionalities depending on the app you are using.Read More