Facebook Launches Initiative To Fight Online Hate Speech

Facebook has taken the serious steps to tackle the extreme content from the social media platform to counter the hate speech. Facebook is funding the local organizations and education charity towards tackling the hate speech uploaded on the social platform and wants to remove the hate speech from the internet. The company starts working onRead More

Facebook, Twitter, Google & Microsoft Create Database to Fight Online Extremism

The giant social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft have announced they are working together to identify and remove extremist content – a fight against online extremism. The massive media announced on Monday night about the plan of a joint database of terrorist images as well as videos that are promoting terrorism or toRead More

Surprising Facts about Facebook you don’t know

Love it or hate it but these are the facts of the Facebook, it can see all your activities on browser whereas can track your location and also every activity log of your profile. Facebook the popular social media everybody loves it and use it for various purpose but these facts you must know beforeRead More

German DPA ordered Facebook to stop collecting Whatsapp Data

Facebook has been ordered to stop collecting data of users from Whatsapp in Germany as there are 35 million people using WhatsApp for different purposes. The Hamburg Commissioner for Data protection and freedom information in Germany said that Facebook the biggest social network doesn’t obtain any approval from the users of Germany as there areRead More