Difference between Apple Iphone and Samsung galaxy

Samsung and Apple have picked altogether different designs with regards to the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5. Where the iPhone is a smooth consistent union of metal and glass the Galaxy S5 is an edgy merger of delicate touch plastic and hard plastic edges painted to look like metal. From a simply design tasteful there’sRead More

Major difference between Android and ISO

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are working frameworks utilized fundamentally as a part of versatile innovation, for example, cell phones and tablets. Android, which is Linux-based and incompletely open source, is more PC-like than iOS, in that its interface and essential elements are for the most part more adaptable start to finish. Be that asRead More

Download Full Android Studio 2.3 For Development

Download Full Android Studio 2.3 For Development

If you are a developer and don’t have android studio then you are not upgrading yourself with the technology as an android studio is a powerful tool for building apps on every type of android device. Building the unique app and use the code to develop powerful apps and an instant deploy system that allowsRead More