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Facebook launched app ‘Flash’ to clone Snapchat

The social network launched its actual clone of SnapChat in Brazil – the new app offers ephemeral videos and pictures that target users with weak Wi-Fi and bad connectivity to emerging the markets. The new app named as Flash offers pictures, videos as well as AR lenses – the purpose of the app is toRead More

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Huawei has launched Mate 9 to fill gap of Note 7

Huawei revealed a new set Mate 9 to fill the gap of Samsung’s Note disaster – this is the first smartphone comes with Android 7. Huawei new set comes with a large display screen of 5.9 inch – as large screen smartphones are getting popular these days – even Apple launched its phone with aRead More

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TOP 3 smartphones with excellent optics

Even a budget smartphone cannot do without a good camera today, let alone middle-class models and high-end flagships like the Nexus. Today we would like to introduce you to the devices the cameras of which are capable of competing with some good point-and-shoot cameras. Sony Xperia XZ Dual: three sensors for better pictures: The photoRead More

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Google launches new Smartphone Pixel directly challenge to Apple

Google on Tuesday announced a new smartphone Pixel that is challenging directly with Apple IPhone 7 makes the battle for supremacy in the mobile market. Google has not attacked only on Apple phones but also HTC, Samsung and even Nexus made by the third party the android development company launched Pixel and Pixel XL andRead More

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OMG! Best android secrets I bet you never know Ever!

You are probably aware of the Google apps and android functionality like checking emails through the browser, or social media but do you know about secrets of android? Here are some best features, tricks, and tips for android users that you don’t know but they are helpful in real life. Voice search with screen off:Read More

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Android 7.0 Nougat: a Powerful OS by Google

It’s been since the announcement of Nougat, and now finally Google has released the update. Android 7.0 Nougat has been officially out now; Google has officially begun latest upgrade with Nexus devices. Providing ways to customize your phone is a big deal, and android has been leading since the day one. Android always make happyRead More

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How to update android software in smart phone

To get the best execution and features from your Android cell phone or tablet you ought to ensure you’re continually running the exceptionally most recent software available for it regarding applications as well as the Android working system. Here’s the means by which to renovation Android on your cell phone or tablet. The most effectiveRead More

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Difference between Apple Iphone and Samsung galaxy

Samsung and Apple have picked altogether different designs with regards to the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5. Where the iPhone is a smooth consistent union of metal and glass the Galaxy S5 is an edgy merger of delicate touch plastic and hard plastic edges painted to look like metal. From a simply design tasteful there’sRead More

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Major difference between Android and ISO

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are working frameworks utilized fundamentally as a part of versatile innovation, for example, cell phones and tablets. Android, which is Linux-based and incompletely open source, is more PC-like than iOS, in that its interface and essential elements are for the most part more adaptable start to finish. Be that asRead More


Facebook, Twitter, Google & Microsoft Create Database to Fight Online Extremism


The giant social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft have announced they are working together to identify and remove extremist content – a fight against online extremism. The massive media announced on Monday night about the plan of a joint database of terrorist images as well as videos that are promoting terrorism or toRead More

The BS Detector Plug-In Developed To Identify Fake News


The pressure is increasing on the giant firms including Google, Facebook to get rid of fake news and provides users authentic information – a technologist named Daniel Sieradski has developed a new plugin that shows a red alert on fake news. The plugin functionality is to find out the fake news from its reference pointRead More

Virgin Media launches 4K Box & Large Tablet


The Virgin media has launched its new top box in smaller size and this is the fastest box to date and has a capacity of recording six programs of your choice at once. The new media box is launched with the latest technology offering four times resolution i.e. 4K ultra high definition TV via NetflixRead More

How to stay safe when shopping online?


It is important to take steps to protect you, every electronics that is connected to the internet needs protection – millions of people are shopping online and they must need protection to secure their order and money; today the headlines are full with hacking and cyber-attacks and you might feel to give up the internetRead More



KFC has developed a new sofa with special functionality including holders for a chicken bucket, chips and has built-in sauces with four soft drink dispensers and wet wipes. This is true to say that this is the best piece of furniture in the world – the sofa has gaming seat known as ‘Colonel Couch‘ theRead More



A new requirement for the tech companies to keep the history of the consumer including its online activities as well as websites and messaging apps. The internet providers have to record these apps history and devices connected to different blogs as this is helpful to find out terrorism and to save the country from anyRead More

SpaceX Is Going To Launch Internet From Space To Globe


Elon Musk’s SpaceX has requested the permission to US government to provide the fastest global internet with the network of 4,425 satellites. The firm is planning to launch 4,425 satellites in orbit around the Earth to provide the world with fastest data rates of the internet and has planned to increase the satellites over threeRead More

Teenager’s sports is changing as tech is making interactive games


Young fans are leaving stadiums and spending time on games as technology becomes more interactive and enhances the person experience – tech companies are developing the technology and reshaping the sports and entertainment experience for the person and providing tools and mobile platforms. The sponsors are now investing in mobile devices and also in videoRead More

Google and Microsoft are in war over bug disclosure


Google and Microsoft are in the war of words as Google reveal the Windows bug just 10 days after telling the firm about it – Google’s revelation of security flaw made Microsoft anger. The bug was discovered by Google on 21st of October and gives a week to firm to react and to fix theRead More

Google launches fact check feature for news – ahead of Election Day

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Google, as revolutionized the world with its updates, launches a new feature known as fact check to increase the interest of news lovers and readability of new stories in search results. Fact check technique will help you to seen targeted articles and other sites that have fact checking can request to enclosed in hunt resultsRead More

Interesting Facts about Internet and Google


We all love the internet, as technology is rapidly growing and has become an integral part of our lives. We use the internet every day and feel dying without it. But how much do you know about the internet and its revolution? Let’s find out with the list of interesting facts about the internet. FactsRead More

Surprising Facts about Facebook you don’t know


Love it or hate it but these are the facts of the Facebook, it can see all your activities on browser whereas can track your location and also every activity log of your profile. Facebook the popular social media everybody loves it and use it for various purpose but these facts you must know beforeRead More

Latest Internet Updates in Opera Browser, Amazon Photo Printing & LinkedIn E-Learning


Opera new update brings Design Interface and more: Opera the popular android browser new update made a new user interface for its consumers. Opera said that the design will new and a fresh look inspired by the android new update. The update will visible to all users early as they are working. The start pageRead More

Why Li-Fi Technology is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi


Light Fidelity is a wireless visible system for communications traveling at very high speed. Li-Fi is faster and more reliable connection in future and has more availability of data supply from existing technologies of 4G, LTE, and Wi-Fi. Li-Fi is similar to infra-red technology in your remote control, it’s a wireless network for communication andRead More

List of Top Most Followed People on Google+


Realizing the importance of Google + is now more important than ever. Google + is launched in early June of 2011 and now has more than 500 million accounts and more than  230 million actives at the moment. Google+ network is rising bigger day by day, today every business man need the account of itRead More

New List Of HTTP Error Codes According To Search Engines

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Its happens few times when you browse for a webpage and you receive a page with error code. It is good to know meaning of those common webpage error codes to understand what is wrong with your search result or webpage that you are looking for. Following are list of 7 top Errors according to search engineRead More


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Top 5 Reasons To Get Security Services

Due to the current scenario of increase in criminal activities in different parts of the world, most of the people